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Shortly after you enroll, you will receive an important package from MediGold. It will include the following materials to help you:

Your MediGold Identification card will arrive separately by mail. If you need to obtain covered services or supplies before your identification card arrives – don’t worry.  Simply call MediGold. Our friendly representatives can provide your IDnumber over the phone, or any other information you may need to obtain covered services once enrolled.    

You’ll also receive information about your complimentary SilverSneakers® membership and your SilverSneakers Identification card in a separate mailing.

If you elected to purchase our dental plan through Delta Dental, your Delta Dental Identification card and membership materials will arrive in an additional mailing from Delta Dental.

If you wish to appoint someone to represent your interests as a MediGold member, you may do so by appointing a representative using the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Appointment of Representative Form. See your New Member Guide for more information on appointing a representative to act on your behalf.

Quality Care Passport Program

Shortly after enrolling, you'll receive a Quality Care Passport Kit. This kit will help you to organize your medical information, as well as any Quality Care Passport communication you may receive from us. Through our Quality Care Passport program, we'll:

  • Share health and wellness information
  • Remind you of covered services available to support your unique needs
  • Alert you when specific care is needed or suggested
  • Offer one-on-one counseling and coaching regarding your health
  • Reward you for taking steps to manage your wellbeing.

The Quality Care Passport program will add value to your membership. It's a little extra something to show we care.

Personal Health Survey

Help us better understand your health and needs. Take your Personal Health Survey online today!

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