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MediGold Medical Only (HMO)

MediGold Medical Only (HMO) is a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). The chart below provides a summary of the benefits available with this plan. You may also find it helpful to review the Evidence of Coverage and Summary of Benefits documents. They provide information about this plan option in more detail.


MediGold Medical Only (HMO)

Your Monthly Plan Premium


You will pay No Deductibles


You'll enjoy our Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum for Added Protection


Medical Benefits Included!

Your copay:

Preventive Care


Fitness Center Membership


Flu Shots


Diabetes Supplies


Office Visit (Primary Care Provider)


Office Visit (Specialty Care Provider)


Outpatient Lab Test


Outpatient Diagnostic Test or X-ray


Outpatient Surgery


Urgent Care Visit


Emergency Room Visit

$65 Worldwide

Inpatient Hospital Care (per stay)

Ask how we further limit your inpatient costs per year.

$75 per day for days 1-7

$0 after day 7

Home Health Care


Prescription Drug (Part D)


Note: This option does not include Part D drug coverage.

Dental Benefits

MediGold's 2015 Dental Plan may be separately purchased by new and existing MediGold members. The plan is administered by Delta Dental for a monthly premium of $23. Learn more about MediGold's Dental Plan.

2015 MediGold Medical Only (HMO) Plan Documents

2015 MediGold Central Ohio Summary of Benefits - HMO Plans

2015 MediGold Medical Only (HMO) Evidence of Coverage

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