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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Election Period?

The Annual Election Period occurs each year between October 15 and December 7. For most Medicare beneficiaries, this is the only time they are permitted to make a change to their Medicare coverage. During this time, you may switch to a new Medicare plan or return to Original Medicare. Some people are permitted to make changes outside of the Annual Election Period. For more information, see When to Enroll.

Can I ever go back to Medicare after joining MediGold?

Yes, but only during certain times of the year. Rest assured, if you choose to transfer back to Original Medicare (during an allowable enrollment period), you’ll never be without medical coverage and there is no financial cost for returning to Original Medicare.

Simply send us a completed disenrollment form. You will be disenrolled from MediGold and returned to Original Medicare effective the first day of the month following our receipt of your signed request. 

You may also disenroll through 1-800-MEDICARE (24-hours a day, 7 days a week), a Social Security Office, or the Railroad Retirement Board Office (if applicable).

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you become a MediGold member and later enroll in another company’s Medicare Advantage plan, including a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D), you will automatically be disenrolled from MediGold. If you do not intend to disenroll from MediGold, talk with us before completing an application for another company if it pertains to your health or Part D drug coverage. We’ll advise you on how doing so will affect your MediGold benefits. Additionally, if your new plan option doesn’t include Part D prescription drug coverage or coverage that is at least as good as the Medicare standard prescription drug benefit, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty (higher premium) if you decide to join one later. This means your monthly premium could be higher than it would have been otherwise no matter which Part D plan you join later.  

When can I disenroll from MediGold?

During the Annual Election Period (October 15 – December 7) – if you choose to join a different Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan for the following year, you will be automatically disenrolled from your MediGold plan. Your new plan coverage will begin on January 1.

If you qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP) – contact the MediGold Member Services Department for more information about Special Election Periods.

During the Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (January 1 – February 14) – you can choose to return to Original Medicare and will need to pick a separate Medicare prescription drug plan to add drug coverage.

You may not enroll in a new plan during other times of the year unless you meet certain special exceptions, such as you move out of the plan’s service area, want to join a plan in your area with a 5-Star Rating, or you qualify for Extra Help with your prescription drug costs.

Would MediGold want to know why I disenrolled?

Yes.  We continuously review and address the thoughts of our current and disenrolled members.  To learn more from you, we may contact you by phone. 

What happens after I disenroll?

Upon disenrollment, you will receive a letter confirming your disenrollment request, information about MediGap rights (if you are returning to Original Medicare) and the date your plan coverage will end. You must continue to get all medical care from MediGold until the date noted. MediGold will notify you if Medicare denies your disenrollment request.

If your new plan does not include creditable prescription drug coverage (coverage that is at least as good as Medicare’s) you may need to pay a penalty if you join a Medicare drug plan later.

Can MediGold end my membership?

There are limited situations where MediGold must end your membership in our plan. For example, you do not stay continuously enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, if you move out of our service area, if you are more than 90 days behind in your premium payment, or if you are required to pay the extra Part D amount to Medicare because of your income and do not pay it.  Refer to your Evidence of Coverage (your contract) for more information. If we end your membership in our plan, we will send you our reasons in writing. We cannot ask you to leave our plan for any reason related to your health.

What if I move away and MediGold’s network doctors are no longer convenient?

If you permanently move out of the MediGold service area, please notify us immediately. You must live in MediGold’s service area to remain a member. We can explain this in more detail if you would like. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services considers a "permanent move" as one where you are away from MediGold's service area for six or more consecutive months. Want more information? Simply contact us at 1-800-240-3851.

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